Prometheus Data Endpoint

New in version 4.3.0.

GET /metrics
Get statistics from Recursor in Prometheus format. Uses webserver-password and returned list can be controlled with stats-api-blacklist
Example request:
curl -i -u=#:webpassword
Example response:
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Connection: close
Content-Length: 19203
Content-Type: text/plain
Server: PowerDNS/0.0.16480.0.g876dd46192

# HELP pdns_recursor_all_outqueries Number of outgoing UDP queries since starting
# TYPE pdns_recursor_all_outqueries counter
pdns_recursor_all_outqueries 20
# HELP pdns_recursor_answers_slow Number of queries answered after 1 second
# TYPE pdns_recursor_answers_slow counter
pdns_recursor_answers_slow 0
# HELP pdns_recursor_answers0_1 Number of queries answered within 1 millisecond
# TYPE pdns_recursor_answers0_1 counter
pdns_recursor_answers0_1 0
# HELP pdns_recursor_answers1_10 Number of queries answered within 10 milliseconds
# TYPE pdns_recursor_answers1_10 counter