An object representing a single PowerDNS server. In the built-in API, only one Server exists (called “localhost”).

A proxy that allows control of multiple servers MUST NOT return localhost, but SHOULD return other servers.

Object Properties:
  • type (string) – Set to “Server”
  • id (string) – The id of the server, “localhost”
  • daemon_type (string) – “recursor” for the PowerDNS Recursor and “authoritative” for the Authoritative Server
  • version (string) – The version of the server software
  • url (string) – The API endpoint for this server
  • config_url (string) – The API endpoint for this server’s configuration
  • zones_url (string) – The API endpoint for this server’s zones


  "type": "Server",
  "id": "localhost",
  "url": "/api/v1/servers/localhost",
  "daemon_type": "recursor",
  "version": "4.1.0",
  "config_url": "/api/v1/servers/localhost/config{/config_setting}",
  "zones_url": "/api/v1/servers/localhost/zones{/zone}",

Note: the servers collection is read-only, and the only allowed returned server is read-only as well. A control proxy could return modifiable resources.