Failure logging endpoint


Not yet implemented

PUT /api/v1/servers/:server_id/failure

Configure query failure logging.

Query Parameters:
  • server_id – The name of the server

Example client body:

  "top-domains": 100,
  "domains": ".*\\.example\\.com$"
Property int top-domains:
 Number of top resolved domains that are automatically monitored for failures.
Property string domains:
 A Regex of domains that are additionally monitored for resolve failures.
GET /api/v1/servers/:server_id/failure


Not yet implemented

Retrieve query failure logging and current config.

Example response body:

  "top-domains": 100,
  "domains": ".*\\.example\\.com$",
  "log": [
      "first_occurred": 1234567890,
      "domain": "",
      "qtype": "A",
      "failure": "dnssec-parent-validation-failed",
      "failed_parent": "",
      "details": "foo bar",
      "queried_servers": [
           "name": "",
           "address": ""
Property string failed_parent:

The parent domain, this is generally OPTIONAL.

Property string failure_code:

Reason of failure.

  • dnssec-validation-failed: DNSSEC Validation failed for this domain.
  • dnssec-parent-validation-failed: DNSSEC Validation failed for one of the parent domains. Response MUST contain failed_parent.
  • nxdomain: This domain was not present on the authoritative nameservers.
  • nodata: ???
  • all-servers-unreachable: All auth nameservers that have been tried did not respond.
  • parent-unresolvable: Response MUST contain failed_parent.
  • refused: All auth nameservers that have been tried responded with REFUSED.
  • servfail: All auth nameservers that have been tried responded with SERVFAIL.
Property string domain:

The domain queried