nproxy –powerdns-address ADDRESS [OPTION]… ADDRESS


nproxy is a simple daemon that reads DNS NOTIFY queries on one address and forwards them to an ‘inner’ nameserver that will process the notification.

Its usecase is e.g. a private authoritative server inside a NAT or firewalled LAN where nproxy is deployed in the DMZ.

The PowerDNS Authoritative Server has the trusted-notification-proxy option that should be set to the address set with –origin-address to accept these proxied notifications.

nproxy also has a health-check option built in. A query for ‘pdns.nproxy.’ with QType ‘TXT’ will be responded to with an answer of “OK” (inside the TXT record. When the query is for an A-record, ‘’ is returned.


--powerdns-address <ADDRESS>
 IP address of the PowerDNS server to forward the notifications to.
--chroot <PATH>
 chroot to PATH for additional security.
--setuid <UID> setuid to this numerical UID.
--setgid <GID> setgid to this numerical GID.
--origin-address <ADDRESS>
 Set the source of the notifications sent to PowerDNS to ADDRESS. By default, the best matching address (kernel’s choice) is used.
--listen-address <ADDRESS>
 IP addresses to listen on.
--listen-port <PORT>
 Source port to listen on, 53 by default.
-d, --daemon <ARG>
 Set ARG to 0 to disable running in the background.
-v, --verbose Be verbose