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Security of the PowerDNS Recursor

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PowerDNS Security Advisory 2006-01: Malformed TCP queries can lead to a buffer overflow which might be exploitable

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Security Advisories

All security advisories for the PowerDNS Recursor are listed here.

Older security advisories

Version 3.0 of the PowerDNS recursor contains a denial of service bug which can be exploited remotely. This bug, which we believe to only lead to a crash, has been fixed in 3.0.1. There are no guarantees however, so an upgrade from 3.0 is highly recommended.

All versions of PowerDNS before do not respond to certain queries. This in itself is not a problem, but since the discovery by Dan Kaminsky of a new spoofing technique, this silence for queries PowerDNS considers invalid, within a valid domain, allows attackers more chances to feed other resolvers bad data.

All versions of PowerDNS before 2.9.18 contain the following two bugs, which only apply to installations running with the LDAP backend, or installations providing recursion to a limited range of IP addresses. If any of these apply to you, an upgrade is highly advised:

  • The LDAP backend did not properly escape all queries, allowing it to fail and not answer questions. We have not investigated further risks involved, but we advise LDAP users to update as quickly as possible (Norbert Sendetzky, Jan de Groot)
  • Questions from clients denied recursion could blank out answers to clients who are allowed recursion services, temporarily. Reported by Wilco Baan. This would’ve made it possible for outsiders to blank out a domain temporarily to your users. Luckily PowerDNS would send out SERVFAIL or Refused, and not a denial of a domain’s existence.

All versions of PowerDNS before 2.9.17 are known to suffer from remote denial of service problems which can disrupt operation. Please upgrade to 2.9.17 as this page will only contain detailed security information from 2.9.17 onwards.